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When nature meets luxury, when body unites with soul.At skin Fairy, we are a strong advocate of natural ingredients, The products are formulated according to the principles of the natural world. We believe that mankind can achieve harmonious living environments by unlocking the secrets of nature without resorting to using synthetic chemicals that are not only unnatural but harmful to all living creatures. Thus, at Skin Fairy, we take great care to bring out from near its gifts to create 100% natural, sustainable and powerful solutions for daily modern lifestyle without ever compromising on kindness and respect for the natural order of our universe. In our factory, quality is of the utmost importance, detail is too small. Since the beginning, natural preparation has been our main concern and the core of our business. Our complete dedication to the customer’s needs and satisfaction is what makes us unique.

The Skin Fairy Concept Story

Skin Fairy Therapeutics, is a Lifestyle Medical Spa that offers the most advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments – to help take your natural beauty to the next level. We provide professional, up-to-the-minute, treatments that are effective and safe, using the most innovative technology to help our clients look their best. We aspire to provide not just effective, but also safe slimming treatment for all who seek beauty.

We offer a truly bespoke service, supported by our excellent team of friendly, multi-lingual staff: we’ll take the time to find out what your individual problems are, and discussing all possible solutions with you. Our services are conducted by qualified professionals that are experienced in medical aesthetics. Our weight loss solutions and fat reduction treatment are based on scientifically proven methods.

Led by licensed doctors and well-trained therapists, you can be assured of their expertise and that they’ll deliver the results you expect. Ultimately, we aspire to be one of the very best in the region by constantly pursuing new scientific technologies, developing new protocols and raising the yardstick to be greater centres of excellence.


At Skin Fairy, we’re strong advocates of natural looking beauty: beautiful skin, perfect face symmetry, a slim body and optimal scalp health form the four pillars of our beauty philosophy. Following true to the each client’s individuality, our face design techniques are individually crafted to match the uniqueness of every client. This is why our slimming treatment and weight loss solutions are tailored to bring out your own unique beauty.

Fairy Ultimate Services

We specialize in science-based aesthetics with a focus on minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment. We aim to achieve beauty in a way that’s comfortable and painless and allows our clients to zip right back into their normal routines. Here, we believe that weight loss and body shaping should not be a painful process. On the contrary, our services use nonsurgical methods to promote body sculpting and reduce body fat, so that you can bring out your innermost beauty.

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